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Percussionnists students

percussion Mallets

1. Choosing my first mallets ?

First of all, you’ve got to know what kind of instrument you want to play. Each of them has its own mallets...

To help you in your selection, follow our indication "Appreciated by teachers" on the product sheets.

- Snare sticks and drums sticks
Order this malletsClassical Series in Canadian maple wood (CC) or signed series Franck Agulhon (CCFA1 & 2).
These two references meet the requirements of quality and polyvalency that are necessary to start learning snare drum and drum kit.

- Vibraphone mallets
Order this malletsPreferably choose mallets whith medium rattan handles, referenced VR3 or VR4. They will be very multipurpose, light enough and perfect for playing marimba if needed.

Vibraphone Mallets VR4

- Marimba mallets
Order this malletsThe classical series (MR108 & MR110) or the signed series Philippe Spiesser (SP04 & SP05).
These two references allow to express yourself in a large repertory.

Marimba Mallets MR110

- Xylophone mallets
It is very important to be able to face two situations : the training and the courses, auditions, concerts.

Xylophone mallets X04

Order this malletsFor training, we recommend medium mallets, medium hard type X04 (to avoid tiring the ear).
For courses, auditions, exams and concerts, hard mallets type X11 or X03.

The xylophone is played with hard mallets. The choice to work with less "aggressive" mallets for the ear makes sense but should not prevent from using hard mallets regularly in view to learn how to master the touch.

- Timpani mallets  
Order this malletsYou can start using medium hard mallets such as TER2 or TEOR2 type, diameter 12 mm. The wooden handles will be sturdy and with a good balance.

Timpani Mallets TBR2

You also can choose bamboo or aluminium (according to any recommendations from your teacher).


Order this malletsThe School pack were designed in collaboration with Thomas Vandevenne to provide you a suiting selection with the 1st and 2nd cycle student’s needs.

Should you work with a teacher, he will also be able to guide you through the wide range of existing mallets, otherwise, of course, we still are at you entire disposal for any further information.

 Mallets Pack

- The range of study mallets and Start Pack
We propose a range especially created for beginners, that is called « study mallets ». Manufactured with the same will of quality as the professional ones, they are cheaper and allow to start learning percussions with material of quality and with serenity. In order to propose you a better price, they will be available with wooden or composite handles.

Order this malletsThe "Start pack" are proposed with a choice of pre-selected mallets and a bag.

See our packs !

2. Why a mallet bag ?

Choosing a mallets bag is a guarantee for a longer life for your mallets... For a percussionist, mallets have a major importance. We do not always can choose which kind of instrument we shall play, but we know which kind of mallets we shall use !

Our range of bags was created by drummers and for percussionists.

 Mallets Bag

Manufactured in France with very resistant materials, they offer the best storage of the mallets and some of them include storage compartments for music scores and metronome.

Very sturdy and practical, you will keep them for years for the great delight... of your mallets !

See our mallets bags !

3. I want a complete equipment !

For musicians looking for the perfect pack, and expecting to get a set of multipurpose mallets, we created different packs that you can find on our site.

See our packs !

We also are at your disposal to give you the best advices regarding your working conditions and your instruments.

On request, we can provide you with a multipurpose selection of mallets, plebiscited by many students. To contact us, click here !

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