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Creation, manufacturing and sales of percussion mallets

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Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille Signatures Models

Marimba mallets

Modern Touch - Medium

Direct sound, slightly rubber, allowing such «slapping» and rhythmic interpretation.
Ideal for current styles: rock, fusion...

Xylophone mallets

These three models fall progressively just under the hardness of hard mallets and allow for an attenuation of the xylophone’s treble harmonics; they are highly adapted for music of the ragtime, galop, etc. type...

JLRM01 Semi-hard
Xylophone mallets Jean Luc Rimey Meille
Ideal Mallets to play ragtime GH Green, heavy enough, they can have a round and deep sound while playing slightly. They can also be used in the high register of the marimba.

JLRM02 Semi-hard clear
Xylophone mallets Jean Luc Rimey Meille
These Mallets can have a full sound on all types of instruments, keyboards skins through the temples blocks. They are also fairly heavy.

JLRM03 Semi-hard brillant
Xylophone mallets Jean Luc Rimey Meille
Mallets approaching the hardness of the wood, they blur a little attack and are effective in ensemble to avoid slamming of wood against wood.
The sound is powerful and well designed, they are also versatile and can be used in multi percussion, on the glock for a celesta effect, on rattlesnakes and on the cencerros.

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