REMO 15" Ambassador Clear Snare Side (Bottom) Drum Head


The Ambassador® Clear Snare Side features open, bright resonant tones for maximum Snare response and projection. Constructed with 1-ply of 3-mil film, Ambassador® Clear Snare Side drumheads provide a perfect balance of high and mid frequencies for all Snare drum types.

Diameter: 15 "

Single fold

Thickness: 3 thousandths

The Ambassador® Renaissance® Snare Side drumhead features 1-ply of 3-mil proprietary film with a proprietary textured surface for warm, low-midrange tone. Replicating the sound of traditional calfskin by providing a warm, focused Snare response, Ambassador® Renaissance® Snare Side is ideal for Concert Snare drums, traditional Field drums, and any style requiring a dark, warm Snare tone and response. For the ultimate warm Snare drum sound, pair the Renaissance® Ambassador® Snare Side with the Renaissance® Ambassador® batter drumhead

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