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Jean Geoffroy’s Biography

Further to studies at the Paris National Superior Conservatory where he won the first prize in percussion, Jean Geoffroy has followed his personnal path in the world of percussion, that led him to create and play many works.

Jean Geoffroy is dedicatee and often, the first performer in a lot of works for solo percussion including pieces of I. Malec, Y. Taira, J.L Campana, F. Durieux, E. Tanguy, P. Leroux, L. Naon, F. Paris, Y. Maresz, D. Tosi, P. Hurel, B. Giner, B. Mantovani, B. Dubedout, C. Lenners, L. Martin, M. Reverdy, M. Matalon, J. S. Baboni, S. Giraud, I. Urrutia, P. Jodlowski, Xu Yi, Mr. Lupone, F. Narboni, T. Mey... He also created young composers pieces such as : J. Dassié, J. Choi, Mei Fang, J. Koskinen...

Regularly invited as a soloist in the most prestigious festivals all over Europe, he has participated in the Netherlands to a series of concerts with Keiko Abe. Jean Geoffroy regularly gives recitals and master classes all over Europe, South America (Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia), Asia ( Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan) and North America (Canada and USA).

Timpanist soloist of the Paris Orchestral Ensemble from 1985 till 2000, soloist of the contemporary music ensemble “Court-Circuit”, he was laureate of the Menuhin Foundation "Presence of Music". Tireless performer when it comes to bring a new work to life, Jean Geoffroy has participated as soloist in nearly thirty records among which 5 records devoted to J.S. Bach and incorporatinf the totality of the suites and partitasand sonatas written for solo instrument, "Attacca" hailed by music critics when published and "Monodrame" released in 2006.
In 2004, he created the Thierry de Mey’s piece : "Light Music" to "solo conductor" and set up an interactive plan at “Music in Scene” festival in Lyon. This collaboration with Grame and Christophe Lebreton opened up new perspectives and allowed him to explore other areas and other directions in his career as a soloist.

Passionate about teaching , author of several educational books including a book on the teaching of percussion in the Collection "Point de Vue", he is editor of "10 years with the Percussion...", published by the “Cité de la Musique”. Collections Manager at the “Editions Lemoine”, he created "Regards" in 2005, a new collection published by the “Editions Alfonce”

Teacher of percussion at the Lyon National Superior Conservatory since 1999, Jean Geoffroy taught from 1993 till 1998 at the Paris National Superior Conservatory with J. Delécluse and from 1998 till 2007, at the Geneva Superior Conservatory within its percussion department.

Furthermore, since few years, Jean Geoffroy assures a conductor activity which leads him to direct different formations in France and South America, in particular with the instrumental steel band of the Bogota’s National University, with who he has performed works of P. Boulez / K. Stochausen / H. Vasquez... but also worked with the steel band Namascae around the works of Eric Gaudibert.

Guest conductor of the Mésostics ensemble with whom he plays regularly, he has recorded a CD dedicated to Martin Matalon as well as a DVD / Philippe Hurel .

Artistic Manager of the Geneva International Centre of Percussion "EKLEKTO" from 2007 till 2013 and didactic teacher at the Paris National Superior Conservatory, he is jury in many international contests. He is also a member of the reading committee at IRCAM.

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