Philippe Spiesser
International Percussionist Soloist.
Professor at the Geneva High School of Music and the Conservatory of Perpignan.



More than a percussionist, Philippe Spiesser is first and foremost a captivating and atypical musician. A Father conductor, a borther trombonist, Philippe Spiesser began his musical studies with the piano and the trumpet. The meeting with the percussion will will take place much later, at the age of 17. While he was following university studies at the same time, he got five years later, a first prize in Percussion and Chamber Music at the Strasbourg Region National Conservatory. The following year, he won the State Diploma and Certificate of Aptitude as percussion teacher.

It is this dazzling and surprising professional development that made Philippe Spiesser a teacher and a passionate concert artist. Always moving and awakening, he developed his skills through contacts with other artistic circles such as dance, theater, sound and image. Today he’s fulfilling his potential by sharing his passion through teaching and concerts.

Nowadays, Philippe Spiesser teaches at the Geneva Superior Conservatory and at the Perpignan Region National Conservatory. Besides, he regularly gives master classes in many Conservatories in Europe and Asia, such as London, Madrid , Barcelona, San Sebastián, Valencia, La Coruña, Cordoba, Pamplona, Shanghai, Beijing, ...

In the constant quest of experiences and encounters, he arouse new works creations and works with composers. He has created works of Philippe Hurel, Pierre Jodlowski, Bruno Mantovani, Jose Manuel Lopez, Daniel Tosi, Bertrand Dubedout, Mansoor Hosseini, Dieter Kaufmann, Elzbieta Sikora, Marie- Hélène Fournier, Denis Dufour, Kazuko Narita, Christian Lauba Paul Evernden, Etienne Rolin, Mercedes Zavala, Tristan Clais ...

He performed in many festivals such as Musica in Strasbourg, Ars Musica in Brussels, today Musiques in Perpignan, at the Tokyo Palace, Asbury Park in New York, Ritmo Vital in Madrid, Perkumania in Paris... He is also invited to perform as soloist with the University Orchestra of Strasbourg, the France Camerata, The Languedoc -Roussillon Orchestra, the Pekin and Shenyang Symphonic Orchestra, the Perpignan Mediterranean Orchestra and the Spanish formations Amores and Kontakte .

Moreover, Philippe Spiesser is part of the Syntax ensemble, and founded in 2002 the duo Pulsaxion with saxophonist Radek Knop.

He is the author of several works, and manages the Color collection published by Editions Alfonce.


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Philippe Spiesser Signature Series

Marimba Mallets

This mallets have an oval head not round; this increases the contact surface with the blades.

Full and round sound on the whole marimba register, providing a smooth homogeneous sound.

The weight is constant regardless of their hardness.

Ability to combine various models, while preserving the same balance.

Vibraphone Mallets

The precise and clear sound in a harsh midrange. Medium Hard, very precis and polyvalent, highly expressive, ideal for contemporary music.

Vibraphone Mallets Philippe Spiesser Signature...


Signature Philippe Spiesser

Medium Hard - Very precis and polyvalent

A set of 4 mallets

Choice your wool : "clarity" or "exclusive"

Clear touch

Highly expressive, ideal for contemporary music.
Very versatile and suitable for a large repertoire.

Available in Rattan and Wood handles


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