The percussions mallets have a decisive role in the sound projection and the definition in an orchestra or in a formation.

Some of our mallets were designed for the orchestra and others are very popular because their polyvalency and playability have been proved.

percussion Mallets
Here is a selection by instrument :

percussion ensemble

Percussions Claviers de Lyon

Xylophone :

Xylophone Jean Michel Davis mallets

X03 "Signature Jean Michel Davis" Their heads provide a wealthy sound on wooden keyboards. Colour, warmth and comfort are the hallmarks of this reference.

X11 "Classical Concert Model" : Polyvalent, light and hard-wearing, they are hard without being too aggressive. They can also help out on glockenspiel if necessary.

X01 "Classical Model" : Very hard and shiny, they gather lightweight and polyvalency. Very effective too when used on glockenspiel.

X001 et X02 "Classical Model" : Very hard and shiny, their wery pronounced weight allows a great sound projection. Also very effective on glockenspiel.

Vibraphone :

Prestige "Orchestra 1 & 2" Series (VSP06 et VSP07) : design for a play in a formation the 2 models "Ochestra Prestige" provide a beautiful definition of the vibraphone without too much aggressiveness. Their weight is lightly pronounced.

Vibraphone mallets Prestige

Model VSP06 : Hard, shiny - velvety Touch. 

Model VSP07 : Hard, shiny and very precise – direct Touch. 

VR5,5 Classic Serie : clear and precise mallets, also shiny and very rich, the VR5,5 are appreciated for their polyvalency and their medium weight.

VR7 Classic Serie: very clear and very precise mallets, the VR7 allows a very incisive and direct music set.

The three signatures models for vibraphone "Jean Geoffroy": mallets with a pronounced weight, high precision, deap and clear wealthy sound. 

Both signatures models for vibraphone "Thierry Bonneaux" : These models provide precision and roundess of the sound. These mallets are homogeneous across the keyboard.

The three signatures models for vibraphone "Percussions Claviers de Lyons" :

Mallets with a pronounced weight gathering deepness and richness of the sound. Ideal for duo, trio, quartet, quintet… The overall design of the series offers a high precision and favours the balance of each instrumental part.

Marimba :

The marimba is difficult to bring out of a big formation, in consequence most musicians are using hard models :

- With a soft wool and so, the possibility of a slight attack in small nuances :

Classical series MR111 and MR112, Modèle Ph. Speisser SP05,5 / 06 / 07 and model J. Geoffroy MG06 / 07

Marimba Mallets for percussion ensemble

- With a harder and more resistant wool. Clear and precise sound. : Model "Percussions Claviers de Lyon" PCLM4 (for a set on a fairly wide range) et PCLM5 with clearer and better defined sound that shows up in a better evidence

Finally, do not hesitate to use vibraphone mallets that will give a better definition in a formation.

Timpani : 

According to the repertory and the formation, all possibilities shoud be tested. In many cases, the percussionists choose the following models :

percussion timpani Mallets

Classical series :

Red & Orange : médium hard

Purple : hard light

Black : very hard

Finally for baroque music (ideally from late 18th century) the 3 signatures models Marie-Ange PETIT.

percussion Mallets baroque timpani Marie Ange Petit
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