Percussionists or drummers looking for reliable and convenient amenities, Resta-Jay offers a selection of accessories for your mallets, your instruments or yourself !

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Drum Sticks Precision


Position, guide and play!

The Drum Sticks Precision is a revolutionary new tool to naturally guide students towards
a perfect position for playing snare, drums and drums!

To be placed on any instrument or training pad.

3 levels of precision

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NEW - Briefcases - I like percussion


NEW - Briefcases - I like percussion (Navy blue)
Resta-Jay 2019 Creation
Durable polyester document holder, reinforced handle and zipper. Size: 41 cm / 29 cm.
Up to 6cm thick.

€10.00 €12.50
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NEW - Briefcases - I love music


NEW - Briefcases - I love music (ecru)
Resta-Jay 2019 Creation
Durable polyester document holder, reinforced handle and zipper. Size: 41 cm / 29 cm.
Up to 6cm thick.

€10.00 €12.50
Hearing protection Hearing protection 2
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Ear protection


Hearing protection

You are musicians and want to play by protecting your hearing?

-Polyethylene cord
-Elastomer stoppers
-Attenuation of 30 dB - High protection for percussionists
-Designed for extended use
-Washable with soapy water
-Comes with case

€3.33 €4.17

Standard drum key


One key for the instruments, stands and accessories setting.


6 Gel Mutes Oberton Killer


6 Gel Pads Mutes Oberton Killer (in box).

The Oberton KILLER gel pads are designed for toms, snare drums and cymbals.
They control the harmonic while optimizing sound quality of drums or cymbals.

Even after repeated cleaning, Gel pads take as the first-time user.

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Wittner digital metronome

Wittner Metronome

Credit card format
Affichage LCD
Tempo de 30 à 250
audible and visual indication
Sixteenth note, triplet, quadruple-eighth
A = 435 à 445 Hz
headphone output on 2.5mm
Battery lithium CR2032 incl.

€32.50 €35.83

Resta-Jay Mug

The mug Collector Resta-Jay, exclusively on this site!


GRIP / Protective sheath "anti click"


Creating a specific contact between the hand and the handle, absorbing the "clicks" specific to certain techniques (Burton ...), the protective sheaths can be adapted to all our sleeves wood and rattan.

Fixing without glue, with thermo-retractable system, they can be removed without causing damage to the sleeves.

Color : Black

Length: 16 cm by handle - sold by 2


Snare stand


Stable and robust snare stand !

The stand that holds every Snare from 10” to 15” in its cradle.
The unique fulcrum on each brace of the cradle makes this possible.
It utilizes a ball adjustment for virtually any playing position and the memory stop lock inside the tripod legs memorizes the spread of the braces every time you set it up.


Brush Brushes Jazz


Steel brush - Extendable

Very good grip, professional quality.

Black rubber


Mallet bag 23 pairs + score pouch


New in 2019

Mallets bag - Practical and robust mallet bag
16 compartments for 2 to 4 mallets, more than 32 pairs of mallets+ sheet music
+ Metronome pocket and pocket small parts, fixation pens...

It can be worn shoulder strap or on the back !

New: Adjustment key option, ear protection cap and metronome!

Dimensions: 54x32x11 cm

French manufacture of high quality

Out of stock

Mallet bag 10 pairs


Practical and robust mallet bag
Space for 10 pairs of mallets
Dimensions: 47 x 21 x 3 cm


Leather Barrel Bag


CAUTION Delay 1 month of manufacture

100% leather barrel bag, handmade

In an original form, this high-end rigid leather bag stands up to hold your mallets safely in a unique case.

Possibility of customization on request.

French hand-made

Up to 30 pairs of keyboard mallets

Dimensions: 48 x 23 cm


REMO Ambassador® Fiberskyn® drumheads 15"


The Ambassador® Fiberskyn® drumheads feature warm, full-range tone with outstanding definition and enhanced mid and low-range resonance.

Diameter: 15 "

Single fold

Thickness: 10 thousandths

Ambassador (FA)


REMO Ambassador® Renaissance® drumheads 15"


The Ambassador® Renaissance® features a warm, dark tone with a soft feel. Featuring 1-ply of 10-mil specially treated film, the Ambassador® Renaissance® has a textured surface which enhances mid and low-midrange frequencies.

Diameter: 15 "

Single fold

Thickness: 10 thousandths

Ambassador (FA)


REMO Ambassador® RENAISSANCE® snare side 15"


The Renaissance® Snare Side drumhead features 1-ply of 3-mil proprietary film with a proprietary textured surface for warm, low-midrange tone.

Diameter: 15 "

Single fold

Thickness: 3 thousandths


REMO - Muffle 15" - Ring Control


Ring Control 15"Impedes unwanted overtones or overly long echoing of the drums. Through the combination of the plastic tray and foam ring the damping force can be adjusted as required


Snare Strainer "Premium" Throw-Off + Die Cast...


Snare Drum Strainer / Throw-Off - Chrome

Technical Specifications:
- Hole Spacing (Centre-to-Centre): 38mm
- Mounting Hole Diameter: 5mm
- Mounting Screws Type: M5 (Gasket and Mounting screws not included)

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