"Modern Touch" Series

"Modern Touch" Series

This new mallets line is adapted to the actual musics ans to the contemporary repertory.
The touch is modern and combines efficiency, precision and projection.
Each model guides you in an assumed musical universe and a strong identity.

lot of 6 Marimba mallets Emmanuel Séjourné...


4 mallets Medium clear - quite heavy
+ 2 mallets Medium - quite heavy

Clear touch

Mallets combining clarity and sound projection.

Very good articulation on the entire keyboard.

Available in Rattan and Wood handles


Marimba mallets Modern Touch Rubber 01


Favorite for STEVE REICH pieces, this mallets model made of different rubber compounds enables a precise touch on marimba and develops a feature sound and attack.

A Pair

Available in Rattan and Wood handles


copy of Marimba Mallets Jean-Luc Rimey-Meilley...


Soft, Rubbery - quite heavy

The pair

An original sound and accurate, rubbery, allowing the interpretation "slapping" and rhythmic that color the game and lets out the harmonics.

Available in Rattan and Wood handles


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