Yuhan Su and SR9 Trio
Yuhan Su and SR9 trio

1. Prestiges et Signature mallets

Developping the sound’s projection, increasing the sensations, allowing a greater expressiveness, here is the aim of the RESTA-JAY PERCUSSIONS Company. Each mallet meets the quality requirements of the brand and benefits of all the improvements from our experience.

The new line of mallets for vibraphone "PRESTIGE" is one of the latest creations of the company RESTA-JAY. Adapted to all conditions, they consist in a core and a wool especially conceived for this range of mallets. They will provide you a unique touch and an indescribable richness of the sound.

The signature model and Prestige models are stemming from a collaboration with our signature musicians. They share their experience and personalities to create suitable mallets that are rich in colors !

2. More weight on the mallets ?

Some mallets RESTA-JAY are heavier than others. That’s the case for the Jean Geoffroys series, the "Percussions Claviers de Lyon", such as Lin Chin Cheng. The weight allows a great depth of the sound without forcing the hit, it provides a rich and naturally full sound. It is in a game without muscle tension that they will give the best of themselves and you will be able to play with confidence...

The company RESTA - JAY is a pioneer in the development of mallets using weight. Our experience, allied to the signing musicians’ s one, provide you the guarantee of optimum efficiency

Marimba Mallets

3. A set of custom mallets, multi instruments!

Are you looking for special mallets, specially designed to play on various instruments or a particular play ? “Custom” mallets that would allow you to switch from the vibraphone to the triangle or from the xylophone to the snare drum very quickly ... ?

We provide the ideal model that will help you during your concerts, contests or exams. You can select any characteristic such as hardness, weight, handles length ... and we shall realize their production to make you satisfied !

No need to worry about how to switch from one instrument to another in seconds, contact us!

Our Multi-percussion Mallets, click here !

Contact us for any special request, click here !

Multi percussion Mallets

4. A room at your disposal to test our products.

Words and advices are not always sufficient to be able to choose a set of mallets...

In vew to make you test the total repertory of the RESTA-JAY’s products, we settled a show-room where we warmly welcome our clients upon a simple appointment. At your disposal, you can find vibraphone, drums, bongos and some other percussions to make you discover and test our mallets.

This intimate and friendly space, adjoining the production workshop, is located 10 min dringing from the TGV station of Mâcon Loché, less than an hour away from Lyon, less than 2 hours away from Geneve and 1 hour and a half from Paris (4 hours by car).

percussion Mallets - Try - Show Room - RESTA - JAY

5. A specific need ? No problem !

You do have a specific requirement ? A search of a distinctive sound ? A predilection for your own handles ? Adaptibility… It’s a cornerstone of our Company: Handles flexibility, diameter, length, weight... Let us know about your preferences and we’ll do anything to satisfy your request.

6. In a band and in an orchestra...

A section advices for the mallets dedicated to the bands and orchestras is at your disposal

See our mallets guide for bands and orchestra.

SR9 Trio

7. Maintenance

In view to provide you good and efficient working conditions, we can assure the maintenance and repair of your mallets. In that case, just reach the tab «Repair» of the store page.

The total range of mallets RESTA-JAY is elaborated to be repaired if necessary, but we do want to bring you even more by proposing also the rehabilitation of your mallets from an other brand.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at the following coordinates :

repair percussion Mallets

RESTA-JAY Percussions
428 route de Verchizeuil
71960 Verzé

Tel : +33 (0)3 85 22 19 40

Contact us by e-mail

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