Bart Quartier
International Percussionist Soloist and Composer.
Professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.



Bart Quartier is a percussionist and composer with undeniable human and musical qualities , which have allowed him to play with many talented musicians. Among them : Mike Mainieri, Frank Michiels, Doudou ’ Ndiaye Rose, Madjid Khaladj le Tombak and Triloc Gurtu

Bart managed his own quartet with Nico Schepers (trumpet) and Bart Defoort (saxophone ), Jean- Louis Rassinfosse (double bass) and Jan De Haas (drums). The Albums Merci and Thank You are published by the label De Werf.

On the same label, his second album as a leader, " PROFILES ", includes 24 essays for Vibraphone and Piano where he constitues a magical and enchanting duet with Bart Van Caenegem .

He has recorded as a sideman over 60 records and toured in Europe, USA, Korea and Japan.

Invited by more than 50 orchestras and steel bands, Bart Quartier performed in many musical fields : classical music, opera, contemporary, chamber music, percussion groups, jazz, song, pop music... He is also the winner of the composition contest jazz-thèmes SABAM 2000 and 2002.

Vibraphone and marimba teacher at the Brussel Royal Conservatory (Koninklijk
Muziekconservatorium van Brussel)
, Bart is a recognized educator, talented and skilful , many of his students were winners in international contests. He gives master classes and is invited as jury throughout the world , from Amsterdam to Paris , via Lyon, Oslo, Barcelona , Seoul and Tokyo...

These educational works Image, Profils, Encore, Imagine and Ensemble are meeting a worldwide success.


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Signature Model Bart Quartier

Signature Mallets Bart Quartier are full-bodied weight mallets with extreme richness in sound from bass to treble.

Medium - quite heavy - Usable on Marimba

Vibraphone Mallets Bart Quartier Signature


Medium to medium hard - quite heavy

A set of 4 mallets

Full-bodied weight mallets, extreme richness in sound from bass to treble. Good precision

(Vibraphone and Marimba)

Available in Rattan and Wood handles


Disques et partitions

Encore - Bart Quartier Encore - Bart Quartier 2
All scores

Encore - Bart Quartier

Short pieces for mallet instruments (4 mallets). Difficult level Bart Quartier  
Ensemble - Bart Quartier Ensemble - Bart Quartier 2

Ensemble - Bart Quartier

24 Short pieces to learn to play together. Easy level Bart Quartier  
IMAGINE - Bart Quartier
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IMAGINE A mental approach to marimba playing.The purpose behind Imagine is to expose a mental approach to marimba playing.In total over 200 items concerning marimba playing and over 300 improvisation examples are presented. Imagine is shortly explained a practice guide toward your goal – ‘to be on your way’ – and can be used by the teacher to lead his...

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