Emmanuel Jay

Emmanuel Jay

Drums method for beginners "J’apprends la...


Progressive drums method to start drums and percussion.

Technique, independence, solos and duets

Beginner level

The work :

-quarter note (crotchet) / quarter rest (crotchet rest)
-eighth note (quaver eighth rest) / eighth rest (quaver rest)
-sixteenth note (semiquaver) / sixteenth rest (semiquaver rest)


Koom bémin, ti ko suk béyin - VoicesTrio-...


Piece for three voices.

Based on African rhythms, this piece for three voices played on the syllables of the proverb creating overlapping polyrhythms, are linked and fit into each other while mimicking the traditional percussion of the

Ideal for concert.


T'as ton tic tac ? - Percussions (or Drums)...


Humorous drums duet where the rhythms are spoken in onomatopoeia, and played on the drums.

Ideal for concert or performance of students.
End of Cycle 1 or start of 2e cycle.


Ricochet - Percussion trio - Emmanuel JAY


Trio of percussion (3 pairs of bongos, snare-drum, high tom and bass tom). Mixture of visuals, movements, rhythms and humor, this piece requires some control on the part of its performers.

Level : 2nd and 3rd Cycle.

Ideal for concert.


Triomino - Percussions Trio- Emmanuel JAY


Percussion trio mixing visual and sound effects ("sticks games") .

With 1 tom, 1 snare drum and 1 bass drum (played flat).
Ideal for concert or performance of students. 1st Cycle


10 pieces for solo french military drum -...


10 compositions for solo french military drum.
On multiple influences, they allow a contemporary vision of the instrument while maintaining the traditional technique of the French military drum school.

These pieces are on the program of national competitions.
They combine tradition and modernity.


Casse-tête 2008 - Military Drum - Emmanuel JAY


Scores to download.

Competition piece for the Military drum. Difficult

Pièce imposée au Prix d'Excellence de tambour CMF, au concours "Baguettes d'Or" de l'école Françqise du tambour...

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