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Creation, manufacturing and sales of percussion mallets

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«When I first wanted to create my mallets, I needed mallets with a big sound one can achieve with softer mallets and at the same time the bite you get with harder mallets. I thought this to be impossible to make, but in my opinion Emmanuel Jay achieved this with complete mastery. Whether playing solo with a big ban or Orchestra or playing solo concerts between the three sets of mallets I can get the volume and the bite I need without sacrificing the large and rich sound. And the weight is perfect, as is the crafting of the mallet.»
Jeffery DAVIS

01. Medium soft
Vibraphone mallets Jeffery Davis

02. Medium
Vibraphone mallets Jeffery Davis

03. Medium hard
Vibraphone mallets Jeffery Davis

Three sets of full-bodied weight mallets, extreme richness in sound.

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