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Creation, manufacturing and sales of percussion mallets

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Vibraphonist, drummer, human beatboxer and composer... Norbert Lucarain is a musician with many facets who was discovered alongside with Julien Lourau (Groove Gang), Louis Winsberg (Quintet, Jaleo), Thomas Fersen (Pièce montée, Triplex, La Cigale). His style and finesse are also emerging in numerous records.

Swing player at heart and brilliant soloist Norbert is also at the the origin of a set of percussion mallets RESTA -JAY, that he invented and developed with Pierre- François Resta, which model was patented with the INPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property). This sets of Mallets with double hemispherical heads of diverse hardness, allows him to express himself in his many projects. We can hear him in the live formula of General Elektriks, in Acoustic Music Machines, the Electric Pop Art Group and at the head of many projects : Trio, Solo, and others ...

At the same time poet and engineer, with an unfailing energy, Norbert takes us into a universe, his universe, where the music is of integrity and uncompromising, constantly pushing back the limits of the vibraphone

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