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International Meeting of Percussion by Resta-Jay

Beyond the production of mallets, heart of the Resta-Jay society, we also have the desire to share, exchange and disseminate the world of percussion. It is therefore natural that we regularly offer concerts, or educational moments with the artists company partners.

Get involved in the democratization of percussion is not only propose exchanges with percussionists, teachers or students, but also with the general public who will be able to discover the extent of the possibilities of our family.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd May 2015, the first International Meeting of Percussion have fully realized this project, involving over 800 people around three days of master classes, exhibitions and concerts.

Discover the memories of this event and immerse yourself in the pictures and videos... Magical and convivial moments in the heart of Burgundy, in the village of Verzé.

The concerts :

  • The opening concert: "Percussion, show and humor" Philippe Spiesser, SR9 Trio, Nicolas Martynciow et Le Quatuor Beat

Philippe Spiesser - 1er mai 2015 {JPEG}SR9 Trio - 1er mai 2015 {JPEG}Nicolas Martynciow - 1er mai 2015 {JPEG}
SR9 Trio - 1er mai 2015 {JPEG}Quatuor BEAT - 1er mai 2015 {JPEG}Laurent Fraiche - 1er mai 2015 {JPEG}

  • The gala concert : "Bart’n’Bach - Variations Goldberg" Recital of Vibraphone with Bart Quartier The Goldberg variations , of J.S. Bach with Jean Geoffroy and TaCTuS ensemble (arr. R. Aggery)

Bart Quartier - 2 mai 2015 {JPEG}Jean Geoffroy / Ensemble TaCTuS - 2 mai 2015 {JPEG}Jean Geoffroy / Ensemble TaCTuS - 2 mai 2015 {JPEG}

  • Final concert "Military drums, and jazz" Avec Franck Agulhon, Blaise Hommage, Thierry Bonneaux, Bart Quartier, Thomas Dobler, Jeffery Davis, Jean Geoffroy, Emmanuel Jay et Les Tambours de l’Odyssée.

Bart Quartier / Thomas Dobler / Blaise Hommage - 3 mai 2015 {JPEG} Thomas Dobler / Blaise Hommage / Thierry Bonneaux - 3 mai 2015 {JPEG}Thomas Dobler - 3 mai 2015 {JPEG}
Thierry Bonneaux / Jean Geoffroy / Emmanuel Jay / les tambours de l'Odyssée- 3 mai 2015 {JPEG}Franck Agulhon / Blaise Hommage - 3 mai 2015 {JPEG}Thomes Dobler / Jeffery Davis - 3 mai 2015 {JPEG}

Meetings and masterclass:

  • Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille - «From percussion theater»
  • Nicolas Martynciow - «The snare-drum, today»
  • Philippe Spiesser - «Innovation, augmented instruments and new play interfaces»
  • Pierre-François Resta - «At the heart of the gesture / tensegrity»
  • Bart Quartier - «Imagine, a mental approach to playing the marimba»
  • Jean Geoffroy - «The interpretation of J.S. Bach music»
  • Thierry Bonneaux - «The Vibraphone / Drums gateway»
  • Thomas Dobler - «Vibraphone Story»
  • Jeffery Davis - «Improvisation»
  • Franck Agulhon - "The Modern drums"

Photos Masterclass:

Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille - 1er mai 2015 {JPEG}Pierre Rouyer {JPEG}Masterclass Nicolas Martynciow {JPEG}Masterclass Philippe Spiesser {JPEG}Jean Geoffroy {JPEG}
Masterclass Bart Quartier {JPEG}Masterclass Franck Agulhon {JPEG}Masterclass Thierry Bonneaux {JPEG}Masterclass Thomas Dobler {JPEG}Masterclass Jefery Davis {JPEG}

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