Partitions pour Xylophone

Partitions pour Xylophone

The Key of keyboards // La Clé des claviers -...


The Key of keyboards - by LENERT CATHERINE

The Key of keyboards is a method intended to accompany the first years of learning cycle I of percussion keyboards (xylophone, vibraphone and marimba).
It offers a varied and pleasant repertoire


10 caprices pour xylophone - E. Séjourné


10 caprices pour xylophone (or marimba 2 baguettes). Virtuoso and swift, each "Caprice" draws its inspiration from the different styles that have marked the history of the xylophone: classical and contemporary music as well as gypsy music, jazz, ragtime, circus music and cartoon music.

Emmanuel Séjourné


The Key of keyboards Vol.2 // La Clé des...


The Key of keyboards Vol.2 - by LENERT CATHERINE

The Key of keyboards Vol.2 is a method intended for intermediate level percussion students (xylophone, vibraphone and marimba).
It offers various exercises, etudes and stylistically diverse duets.

Contains working indications in both english and french.


Décalages rythmiques - Guillaume Guégan


Collection consisting of 1 piece available in three levels, from the end of the first cycle up to the third cycle.

For 2 4/3 marimbas (or two diatonic initiation xylophones), 1 pair of claves and 1 guiro.


La balade du lutin - Benoît Pesenti


"La balade du lutin" by Benoît Pesenti, is composed of three duets with vibraphone, respectively for:

- timpani

- xylophone

- drum set

Level: beginners, end of first year of musical studies.


Couleurs - collection, Christian HAMOUY


Couleurs, seven easy pieces for percussion keyboards, by Christian HAMOUY

Each piece is written for 3 different levels, with the same accompaniment.

Level : 1st cycle.

Downloadable accompaniment on the editor website.


Xylopédies, 10 pieces for solo xylophone -...


Xylopédies, 10 pieces for solo xylophone, by Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille :

N°1 : Pertubations Atmosphériques, N°2 : Désinvolture, N°3 : La Petite Boucle, N°4 : Instabilité Chronique, N°5 : Claudication Intermittente, N°6 : Déambulations Superfétatoires, N°7 : Croisons les Doigts, N°8 : Parallélisme Induit, N°9 : La Pavane du Paon, N°10 : Fourberie

Level : difficult

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