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 Vouchers and ideas gifts

Be sure to make her happy, give a Gift Voucher ! Give him the freedom to equip over 350 products, mallets, bags or Cd of RESTA-JAY Percussions society.

In this section, also find the best gift ideas...

Gift Voucher 20€


Gift Voucher 20 € on our website.

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Gift Voucher 50€


Gift Voucher 50 € on our website.

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BOOK : Le tambour français (French Military...


The French military drum - History and evolution
Jean-Michel Froidure

A great gift idea!

The french military drum has a much richer history than it looks: this book offers for the first time to gather all the information available to date, or even modify some knowledge, as the origin of the snare-drum.


Mallet bag 10 pairs


Practical and robust mallet bag
Space for 10 pairs of mallets
Dimensions: 47 x 21 x 3 cm

Le Coq d'Or - book-disk - Percussions Claviers de Lyon / Alexandre Pouchkine (Auteur) Le Coq d'Or - book-disk - Percussions Claviers de Lyon / Alexandre Pouchkine (Auteur)  2
  • On sale!

Le Coq d'Or - book-disk - Percussions Claviers...


The first book-disk of Percussions Claviers de Lyon: Le Coq d'Or!

Experience a magical moment and immerse yourself in beautiful illustrations ...

Denis Podalydès - Narrator
Percussions Claviers de Lyon
Etienne Guiol - Illustrator
Alexandre Pouchkine - Author

From 6 years - In French


BACH au marimba - Trio SR9 - P. Changarnier, N....


Love at first sight

"Bach au marimba" by the trio SR9

Three years of work were necessary: each rhythm, color and nuance are the result of passionate research. The gamble paid for never The "Bach music" has sounded that way!

3 marimbists:

Paul Changarnier
Nicolas Cousin
Alexandre Esperet





Love at first sight

Any lover of classical music knows the Goldberg Variations. The surprise here is the superb instrumentation for 3 marimbas and 2 vibraphones, conducted by Raphael Aggery, and performed by Jean Geoffroy and the Ensemble Tactus.

Soliste : Jean Geoffroy
Ensemble TaCTuS : Ying-Yu Chang, Paul Changarnier, Quentin Dubois, Pierre Olympieff, Thibaut Weber
Transcription : Raphaël Aggery

Drums Pack 01
  • On sale!

Drums Pack 01


Developed with Franck Agulhon, the Drums Pack 1 offers at the Drummers to have a wide range of sounds.

They can work all musical styles and musicality.

1 pair of Drums sticks Franck Agulhon signature
+ 1 pair of Steel brush - Extendable
+ 1 pair of Beater médium hardwearing felt
+ 1 Mallets bag for 10 pairs of mallets - Made in FRANCE

€83.25 €99.08
School Pack 1
  • On sale!

School Pack 1


This pack includes three pairs of mallets to start percussion.

Mallets : Xylophone, Snare Sticks, Timpani (indestructible)
+ Mallets Bag FREE !

The main objective of the first cycle is the discovery of percussion playing and feeling, choice of mallets is made according to their versatility.

€74.17 €96.67
School Pack 2
  • On sale!

School Pack 2


This pack has been developed based on complementarity with the first function and the specific objectives of the second cycle (deepening techniques basic, learning 4 mallets).

Mallets : Xylophone (Boxwood), Snare Sticks, Timpani (Bamboo) et Vibraphone/Marimba.
+ Mallets ans Scores Bag OFFERED !

€165.83 €210.00

Jean Geoffroy plays BACH : Sonates And Partitas...


J.S.Bach (1685-1750) : Sonate n°1 en sol min BWV 1001, Sonate n°2 la min BWV 1003, Sonate n°3 en ut Maj BWV 1005, Partita en si min BWV 1002, Partita en ré min BWV 1004, Partita en mi Maj BWV 1006.

2 CDs

Arrangements for marimba


Jean Geoffroy plays BACH : Suites Bwv 1007 to 1012


J.S.Bach (1685-1750) : Suite n°1 en sol Maj BWV 1007, Suite n°2 en ré min BWV 1008, Suite n°3 en ut Maj BWV 1009, Suite n°4 en mi b Maj BWV 1010, Suite n°5 en ut min BWV 1011, Suite n°6 en ré Maj BWV 1012.

2 CDs

Arrangements for marimba


Brush Brushes Jazz


Steel brush - Extendable

Very good grip, professional quality.

Black rubber


Mallet bag 23 pairs + score pouch


New in 2019

Mallets bag - Practical and robust mallet bag
16 compartments for 2 to 4 mallets, more than 32 pairs of mallets+ sheet music
+ Metronome pocket and pocket small parts, fixation pens...

It can be worn shoulder strap or on the back !

New: Adjustment key option, ear protection cap and metronome!

Dimensions: 54x32x11 cm

French manufacture of high quality

Out of stock

Thomas Dobler - The Oasis and the Mirage -...


Thomas Dobler (vibes) & Kenny Drew jr. (piano)

Martinu Suite - Thomas Dobler
Senor Mouse - Chick Corea
The Pursuit of Unhappiness - Kenny Drew jr.
Prelude to a Kiss - Duke Ellington
Back Home Again in Indiana - Ballard
Macdonald/James F. Hanley
How Long Has This Been Going On - George Gershwin
The Oasis and the Mirage - Kenny Drew jr.
Falling Grace - Steve Swallow
Whisper Not - Benny Golson


Nana Formosa - Percussion duo - 2CDs Lueur



-Philippe Manoury: Le Licre des Claviers II. Marimba Duo
-Carlos Guastavino: Tres Romances Argentinos
I. Las NinasHot
II. Muchacho JujenoHot
III. Baile
-Chiu-Hao Yuan: Lueur Tres Profonde II for Claviers Persussion Duo
-Jan Van Landeghem: Sohum & Shakti


-J.S.Bach: French Overture BWV 831
-Claude Debussy: Reverie


Chin Cheng Lin - SILK ROAD


Wind, for marimba-Chin Cheng Lin
Marimba d'amore, for marimba-Keiko Abe
Spiral Passages, for marimba-Jon Metzger
Tambourin Paraphrase-Keiko Abe
April Sky, for marimba-Chin Cheng Lin
Lullaby, for marimba-Kevin Man
Reflection On the Voice of Mountains, for marimba-Chin Cheng Lin
Silk Road, for marimba-Chin Cheng Lin
Maple Leaf, for marimba-Chin Cheng Lin


Percussions Claviers de Lyon - Point Bak (Bach...


Sur des thèmes du clavier bien tempéré de Jean-Sébastien Bach:
1 - Point Bak n°1
2 - Point Bak n°2
3 - Point Bak n°3
4 - Point Bak n°4
5 - Epilogue

Après Masques (D'après Claude debussy):
6 - Prélude
7 -  Tarentelle

Nocturnes (C. Debussy Trans. G. Lecointe):
8 - Nuages
9 - Fêtes
10 - Sirènes


Percussions Claviers de Lyon - Sport &...


Le nouvel album des Percussions Claviers de Lyon, conçu et réalisé par Raphaël Aggery, est consacré à la musique d’Erik Satie.

A l’apogée de sa période humoristique, ce compositeur iconoclaste nous livre son recueil Sports et Divertissements...

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