Method books for learning percussion instruments and drums

Quatre baguettes à la clé - Method of learning...


Quatre baguettes à la clé - Method of learning for 4 mallets by LENERT CATHERINE

This method is intended for the first years of playing the game with four sticks. It is presented in four parts, each of progressive and complementary level and difficulty.


The Key of keyboards // La Clé des claviers -...


The Key of keyboards - by LENERT CATHERINE

The Key of keyboards is a method intended to accompany the first years of learning cycle I of percussion keyboards (xylophone, vibraphone and marimba).
It offers a varied and pleasant repertoire

Drums method for beginners "J’apprends la batterie Vol.1" - Emmanuel JAY Drums method for beginners "J’apprends la batterie Vol.1" - Emmanuel JAY 2
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Drums method for beginners "J’apprends la...


Progressive drums method to start drums and percussion.

Technique, independence, solos and duets

Beginner level

The work :

-quarter note (crotchet) / quarter rest (crotchet rest)
-eighth note (quaver eighth rest) / eighth rest (quaver rest)
-sixteenth note (semiquaver) / sixteenth rest (semiquaver rest)

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Ensemble - Bart Quartier


24 Short pieces to learn to play together. Easy level

Bart Quartier



10 pieces for solo french military drum -...


10 compositions for solo french military drum.
On multiple influences, they allow a contemporary vision of the instrument while maintaining the traditional technique of the French military drum school.

These pieces are on the program of national competitions.
They combine tradition and modernity.

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