Our wide range of Marimba mallets can adapt to all situations. Suitable for professional percussionists and students alike, these mallets offer a wide variety of sounds, styles and weights.

  • Classique Series Marimba

    Essential series, classic series offers a wide range of different hardnesses in a middleweight. Very versatile, these mallets are suitable for percussionists of all levels.

  • "Modern Touch" Series

    This new mallets line is adapted to the actual musics ans to the contemporary repertory.
    The touch is modern and combines efficiency, precision and projection.
    Each model guides you in an assumed musical universe and a strong identity.

  • Jean Geoffroy Signature

    Essential series, the Jean Geoffroy Signature mallets that provide you a greater depth in sound, without forceful strikes, thanks to an increase in weight. The richness of this series provides a wide range of color, from dark to clear. Particularly suited to J. S. BACH repertoire, they could correspond to any room requiring a rich sound.

  • Johan Bridger Signature

    New series, the Johan Bridger Signature mallets that provide you a greater Precision, brightness and clarity in the treble. The marimba also finds its place in the orchestra thanks to the brilliance of the hardest reference. The bass and medium are very versatile. Particularly suitable for rapid repertoire, this serie also allow the play chamber music.

  • Momoko Kamiya Signature

    This serie of mallets gives a velvet touch and a profond sound with its pronounced weight . The richness of this serie provides a large range of colors, from dark to clear. The "magic" bass offers high efficiency while allowing for a unique articulation. This wide range guarantee an easy sound projection and great versatility.

  • Signature Emmanuel Séjourné

    This model is precise, solid and develops a full, rich sound. It allows to play a large repertoire as a
    soloist, with or without accompaniment ... Its projection sound is made easy through its conception and pronounced weight, quite heavy.
    Very good articulation on the entire keyboard.

  • Philippe Spiesser Signature

    This mallets have an oval head not round; this increases the contact surface with the blades. Full and round sound on the whole marimba register, providing a smooth homogeneous sound. The weight is constant regardless of their hardness. Ability to combine various models, while preserving the same balance. New model: 1.5gr more / more accurate / most durable !

  • Lin Chin Cheng Signature

    The very pronounced weight of these mallets offers a great depth in sound, without forcing.
    Really heavy, these mallets offer both accurate and deep sound.

  • Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille Signature

    Direct sound, slightly rubber, allowing such "slapping" and rhythmic interpretation.
    Ideal for current styles: rock, fusion ...

  • Percussions Claviers de Lyon Signature

    Mallets series with pronounced weight, mixing depth and richness of sound. Perfect for duo, trio, quartet, quintet...
    The overall design of the series provides high accuracy and promotes the balance of each instrumental part.

  • Double-tone & choral series

    Mallets with specific development, the doubles-tone allow different hardness by changing the strike dynamics; Choral serie offers a soft and mellow.

  • Bass Marimba Series

    The bass mallets that provide you a greater mellow touch and depth in sound, without forceful strikes, thanks to an increase in weight.

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